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The Menaggio - Porlezza Railway

Menaggio - Porlezza Railway

The large lakes lying in the foothills of the Alps north of Milan and near the border between Italy and Switzerland have been popular tourist destinations for over 100 years. The development of this tourist traffic owes much to a small narrow gauge railway of which little trace now remains. This article briefly describes that railway and its history. more


Britain's 7 foot gauge railways

broad gauge railway

In the 1830s, at the dawn of the railway era, a group of businessmen and engineers created the fastest and safest railway of its time. Covering over 1,000 miles (1,600 kms) at its peak, Britain's broad gauge railway had disappeared by 1892! This magazine explores the history of the 7 foot (2.1 metre) gauge railways of Britain. more


Naval war in the pacific in 1914

WW1 naval warfare

August 1914 - a crack German naval squadron with modern ships and elite crews is stationed in the pacific. While numerically superior, allied ships are mostly obsolete and scattered. This magazine explores the story of the East Asiatic Squadron and the events leading up to the naval battles at Coronel and the Falkland Islands in 1914. more

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